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Programmatic Ads Example Case Study | Matt Wright, President @ Speed Society

Matt Wright, who co-founded Speed Society over 10+ years ago, explains why he switched to a new partner for programmatic ads — and the superior results that he has achieved.

Case Study interview with Matt Wright, President & Co-Founder, Speed Society

Matt, can you please summarize why you switched programmatic ad partners? 

"In quick summary, we switched to Organic Ads because we wanted to focus on what we enjoyed doing; what we’re passionate about, which is the automotive industry.

We’re car enthusiasts at the core, and we just want to focus on the car stuff.

We don’t want to focus on the tech stuff." 

Please tell us more about your background. 

"[My name is] Matt Wright, one of the co-founders of Speed Society, President and CEO — talking about Organic and the amazing ad things you do, with the technology you have, to make our website look great and bring in awesome revenue."

Please tell us why you decided to launch programmatic ads with a new partner

"We used to use Google, but in the last year or so it’s picked up and we needed to find a partner — we talked to you guys, and we integrated, and it’s been amazing ever since."

Please give us an example of how you find success with programmatic ads

"If something’s not working — we see that — something’s covering up [our content], e.g. an image, we can directly talk to [Organic] and it’s gone; it’s fixed in the next hour.

So it’s great to have that communication and ease of fixing things on our website with you guys."

Please tell us how programmatic ads affect your business, and what you do to be successful

"It used to just be a side project/part of the business, but now it’s something that we really want to focus on and scale this next year.

In this day and age, people have no attention span, so you’ve got to load fast, and you guys have been crushing it."

Can you give an example of an issue that you’ve seen with other programmatic ads? 

"Overuse of ads. [You need reliable tech] So people aren’t complaining about — ”oh, there’s popups over here and there, I can’t even read the article or watch the video.”

Also, we want things that are relatable in the ads, which they have been. So people are actually seeing things they can relate to; it’s not toenails and hair loss ads, it’s actual automotive ads that people like and [with which] they can relate, and it works out great."

What advice would you give other publishers trying to find success with programmatic ads? 

"Over a decade of doing this, I’ve learned throughout this time that you have to be fast, and on your toes, but also be correct. A lot of people just want to be first to the story;  get that out there so they get all the traffic — but no one focuses [as much as they should] on being truthful. So we want to put out the truth and get the story out so people can see it.

Whatever happens in the automotive industry, we want to get that news out and we want to have a partner like you guys we can trust that has programmatic ads: when people do go to our website, everything’s there, it loads fast, no issues, so we don’t have to worry about that.

Organic’s allowed us focus on us actually reporting news in the automotive industry and not worry so much on the tech side of things , and just solely doing that — and not having to worry about ads, placing ads, everything like that — it’s all handled by you guys. It makes it more fun to come to work every day knowing that we get to do what we love to do and you guys are going to handle your job on your side." 

What are you focused on right now? 

We're giving away cars + cash to our fans every 70 days, so right now it’s a one thousand horsepower hellcat plus twenty-thousand cash. Anyone who shops on our online store gets automatic entries to win the car plus the cash. We do this every seventy days and we have changed 35 lives, and we’re on number 36 right now.