Organic: Revenue Growth for High-traffic websites

In 2024 high-traffic websites need new infrastructure to grow, as legacy tech bloat tanks business success.

Organic, launched Jan. 2023, grows revenue for high-traffic websites by implementing superior site speed, end-user experience, and integrated monetization.

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Organic grows revenue for high-traffic websites

Case Study: Saveur

Learn more about Kat Craddock, Saveur's EIC and CEO @

A delicious approach with an appetizing layout, ingredients, introduction, and step-by-step instructions.
Direct sell with sponsored hubs.
Seasonal hubs containing curated articles bring audience back time after time.
“Organic’s user-friendly developer infrastructure helped us implement a complete site-design overhaul in under 30 days; we immediately saw our time on site increase by more than 25 percent. Now, we rely on Organic’s integrated analytics—across SEO, content management, programmatic ads, direct-sold campaigns, and affiliate revenue—to ensure we’re making the smart and data-driven decisions that allow our business to thrive, while providing our readers with the premium culinary content they’ve come to expect from our brand. "
Kat Craddock

Editor-in-Chief & CEO, SAVEUR




Organic's "How To" blocks rapidly increase organic traffic.

Value Levers

How does Organic grow website revenue?

Before Organic: client's websites earned ~$76,5K per month.

After Organic: client earns ~$175K per month.

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In other's words

Greg Allen founded First + Third in 2011. His client experience includes projects with Billboard, Proctor & Gamble, Live Kindly, Create & Cultivate, Soylent, and more. Using Organic, Greg's team of engineers executed a massive design overhaul for a site with millions of monthly pageviews in less than 30 days.

Greg Allen Video Interview
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"I strongly advise website owners to move to Organic versus another platform. The architecture is superior and it is faster to build on Organic versus any standard WordPress platform. Working with Organic, we can just focus on user experience; their tech stack removes all of the Dev-ops stuff that normally takes up so much of our time.”

Easily Track Revenue Growth

Organic's tech stack integrates a WordPress backend, GraphQL APIs, and a headless React/Next.js frontend to ensure high-traffic websites grow revenue, and audience. Beautifully-integrated content, ad, and affiliate experiences for visitors — with lightning fast speed. Use Organic to track incremental earnings growth in real time.

Speed rules —>

High-traffic websites on Organic are fastest

High-traffic webpages using Organic to increase earnings load 22%+ faster


New ideas to grow

4 Revenue "Growth-hacks"

For high-traffic websites

Revenue Hack #1

Syndication: Upgraded

Plug in new content distributors, earn  incremental monthly revenue.

Revenue Hack #2

"Magic" Affiliate Links

Manage affiliate products via single "magic" links, and never waste time on link management again. 

How to grow with syndication
By Caitlin Castelaz
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How to grow with syndication
Affiliate links, explained
By Zach Levine
View webinar
Affiliate software, explained
Revenue Hack #3

Feel the need, for faster site speed

Site speed comes from improvements to Core Web Vital scores, CLS scores, and page load times.

Faster site speed = more revenue
By Tom Imboden
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Faster site speed = more revenue
Revenue Hack #4

Execute instant redesigns

Use Organic's template and component library to scale an SEO strategy instantly onto beautiful, customizable satellite websites. 

Organic Elements
By Kendra Gauntlett
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More About Organic

Learn about Adam Morath @

“The Organic team helped us modernize and optimize our monetization technology at Popular Science, Field & Stream, and Outdoor Life. The results are clear: improved RPM and RPS for our brand, coupled with faster page-load times for our users. We now monitor monetization KPIs directly from a single account and view these gains in action.”
Adam Morath





Traffic Growth:

Organic vs. Previous tech stack
Monthly pageviews, first six (6) months using Organic

Source: Google Analytics.

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